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Booking Form Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before accepting and signing

All Gaming is for 2-3 Hours, this is from the Start time that has been filled in on the form, Unless booked before hand with the extra time option, it is not possible to add on time on the day of the event. Upon receiving this booking form, The booking form simply gives us the information we require for your event. The chosen start time is the time the croupiers are booked to begin dealing, weather your fun casino is 2 or 3 hours dealing times, the croupiers are only booked for the allocated times, you can book additional hours, or change your start time, but to change this within 14 days of your event may not always be possible and may incur extra charges should a croupier need to be changed last minute.


The Old Switcheroo package was a new package in 2023 it has some guidelines on making that particular package work. The setting up of 1 table and including 1 hour of that table game time, then setting up a second table for 1 hour of game time, this is a cost effective way of having 2 tables at your event. Recommended for smaller events or events with guest numbers up to 50 to make sure as many people get a go as possible. This is a mere guideline as some events have other things going on at the same time which would help with the numbers wishing to play the fun casino tables. The switch over between the tables will happen after the first table 60 minute game time is up. The change of tables must be within 30 minutes of the first table finishing and the second table beginning. The switchover can take 5 minutes, 20 minutes or even 30 minutes. When the change over is done, there will be a 2 minute notification by the croupier to inform you the next table will begin. Venues with no or very limited access to our vehicle may result in the switch over taking longer than 30 minutes, this will result in the second table having less game time. If the switch over takes 45 minutes due to no or limited access to the vehicle, the second table will lose 15 minutes of game time, so 60 minutes for the second table becomes 45 minutes. If there’s no nearby parking then the Switcheroo package cannot be booked. If you wish to book the Roulette table and Blackjack Table for example, The Roulette must be the first table of the two. Craps and Texas Hold ‘em poker are excluded from this package.


Booking the Casino Host is a great way to get your casino money handed out to guests as they arrive or sat at tables eating food before the fun casino begins. If you haven't booked the casino host, you may need to arrange to get the fun money handed out by either yourself or a guest at the party/event. The croupiers may hand out the fun money, but please bear in mind they may not arrive until 10 minutes before your booked starting time so if you require the dealers to hand out your fun money, this may result in the casino tables delay in starting at the time you wish them to begin.


A Non-Refundable Minimum deposit of £50 per table is required to secure the tables of your choice for your chosen date, until this is given no booking is guaranteed. Cancellation will result in the loss of minimum deposit made. If you pay more than the minimum deposit i.e. £70 per table, we will refund you the £20 per table extra. Cancellation within 14 days of the event may incur extra costs of croupier cancellation. Cancellations within 7 Days will incur full croupiers costs of an extra £50 per table (£150 on bookings for Ney Years Eve). Cancellation of a table after reserving will also lose that table deposit of £50 as with adding a table the deposit of £50 must be paid to also reserve that table. If no deposit payment within 30 days of making the booking, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. If your booking is no longer going ahead, you must let us know ASAP so no extra charges are incurred. Should your booking be no longer going ahead and we have not received any notice, we then turn up at the venue, there will be a charge of 50% of your remaining balance.


Any remaining payment must be paid before the casino begins. You can pay fully up front, by BACS, PayPal or card, up to a day before the event. If no payment has been made by the time we arrive, We will expect payment in cash, BACS or card at the venue when we arrive before the fun casino begins. We cannot accept Cheques on the day of the event. Please note that late payment charges of £25 are applied if the balance on your invoice is not paid on time. Then further charges will apply if invoice is not paid. This can follow on to debt collection agencies should the invoice remain unpaid.

We reserve the right to not start the fun casino until payment has been paid, this may result in losing some of your fun casino time should this occur.


Any threatening or abusive behaviour toward our staff will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to close the casino tables and/or remove them from the venue if any issue is not resolved. We are for entertainment purposes only and hope to make your guests enjoy their experience playing on our tables.


Any damages to equipment caused by yourself or any guest at your event could result in extra charges being applied to replace the equipment, should the damage make it unusable for future events.


We respect any health and safety guidelines and procedures. We kindly ask for children to be supervised and please refrain from placing children and babies on the casino tables. The casino chips are a choking hazard on children of all ages so please be aware when they are handling the fun casino chips. The casino tables are mobile casino tables so will not take the weight of any person wishing to climb on the tables. For safety reasons we kindly ask that under no circumstances should anyone be sitting/standing on the casino tables.


Under no circumstances must you or any other guests at any event hand over real money to staff or place real money onto the casino tables to play. This is against the Law, and our staff will refuse to take the money. You as the organiser of this event are hiring us purely for the entertainment of the Fun casino and we will provide the fun money for all events. As the organiser, you also cannot insist that the fun casino is for real money. If this is the case, we reserve the right to refuse the fun casino to begin unless the issue is resolved.


The selling of Fun Money at events can be done as long as our staff do not handle any of the real money. If you’re raising money by selling fun money, then it is up you as the organiser to delegate somebody you know and trust to sell the fun money on you or your fundraisers behalf. Our croupiers, Host or anyone else associated with Midland Casino Hire cannot handle any ‘real’ money for gaming purposes during the time at your event.


The time selected and venue can be changed between the booking and 14 days before the event. You can even add extras or tables during this time. Any changes after this time may be more difficult to do as staff will be booked for other events before/after your event and will be harder to make any changes at late notice. Changes of Casino dealing times within 14 days of your event may result in croupier changing, which incurs an extra cost of £25 per croupier, this cost will be added to your invoice and will be required for payment before the date of the fun casino.


In the rare occasion of extreme weather conditions i.e. Heavy Snow. There is always a small chance of equipment or croupiers unable to attend your event. We are endeavored to attending your event at any cost and will never wish to let anyone down, Unfortunately we cannot help the weather, but this is extremely rare and we will try our best whatever the circumstances. In this rare case you will be refunded if we cannot arrive to your event. Should a table not be used, i.e. A Croupier may not make it, you will be refunded that table hire if it is not used.


Accidents are hopefully a rare thing on our busy roads today, and we at Midland Casino Hire leave in plenty of time to get your fun casino there and ready to go for your selected time. We have never had any problems getting to venues on time in plenty of time. Unfortunately there can be those times where the traffic can be against us due to an accident or other similar problems. If this is the case and 1 or 2 Croupiers are a little late, we will make up that time by extending that table or tables so you do get your full gaming experience you’ve booked, otherwise we will refund any loss of gaming time.


When we receive this form, you will get an invoice for your records with all relevant information regarding Payments of Deposits/Balances etc. Please note that no booking is confirmed until we receive both booking form & Minimum of £50 Per Table Deposit. All bookings are not fully confirmed with filled in form only. We reserve the right to cancel our services if no booking is 100% Confirmed. A 100% Confirmed booking is when we have received Filled in Form and Minimum Deposit of £50 Per Table.


We do offer an early set up service and accept some events require the set up of the tables be done before your guests arrive. We always aim to arrive and set up the equipment between 60-120 minutes before your chosen starting time, if you want to request a special early delivery and set up, charges of Staff or fuel may be applied. For a staff member to arrive set up and wait would be a charge of £20 per hour if longer than 2 hours before the casino begins. If the delivery is a drop and set and return later, then fuel costs may apply. In some cases this may require us to arrive earlier in the day to make sure your equipment is there and ready to begin at your chosen start time. In some cases, during busy periods (i.e. December/New Years Eve) we may not be able to provide this service, also may not be able to adhere to exact times in the day, we may even ask venues if we can arrive in the day time due to busy times. We do try our best to make sure your event is worry and stress free, we will happily make the best arrangements with yourselves to suit all parties.

Last minute bookings i.e. Bookings made within 48 hours of the event date, we can no longer accept the deposit as confirmation. We can only accept the full balance by Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer.


Bank & Online Payments To make any payments by Bank Transfer or Online all details will be on your Invoice and Webpage. Details which you will receive via E-Mail and on your invoice when we have received the filled in Booking Form.


Card Payments You can pay by Card over the phone 0800 1932122 or by Online, Details which you will receive via E-Mail when we have received the filled in Booking Form.


Cheque To pay by Cheque, please make it out to:-

Midland Casino Hire Ltd

Then pop it in the post to

Midland Casino Hire Ltd, 2 Eden Court, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 9AG


Payments on the day at the Venue The balance of your invoice can be paid on the day at the venue by Cash or Card only. This must be done before the fun casino opens.


Birmingham Clear Air Zone As of 2020, Birmingham introduced a Clean Air Zone charge. Please be aware, should any of our vehicles have to enter this zone, we will have to add these charges onto your invoice. Please note that this charge is £8 per vehicle. So, you may want to consider this, as croupiers may arrive in separate vehicles. Should a couple of croupiers arrive in the same vehicle, and if you have already paid the invoice in full, we will refund the difference the next day. Should your event finish past 11:30pm, there is a chance that not all vehicles will get away before the next day charge after midnight, in this case, you may incur these extra charges.

Your personal data given to us will be used by Midland Casino Hire only. We will not pass on your data to any third party nor will use it for anything other than using it for our own personal records.
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us on 0800 1932122

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