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Customised & Personalised Fun Money

All of our Packages include a certain amount of personalised & Customised funny money.

This is the currency used to play the fun casino tables which upon your booking, you can send us an image or logo of your choice & we'll put together some samples for you to choose the fun money you wish to use on the day.

We always include fun money with any package you have and if you decide not to have the personalised & Custom funny money, we will bring our own notes to use, we'll make sure there's enough for all your guests.

Personalised Fun Money
Bond Themed Fun Money
Wedding Fun Money
Personalised English Pound Fun Money
Unique styles of Fun Play Money
Logos and Fundraisers can be pacd on the notes
Many Different styles of Fun Money
Looks like a £50 Note
Dollar Note Personalised Fun Money
English Pound Note Fun Money
Personalised Fun Money
Chris & Kate's Wedding Fun Money
Alt 50 dollars
Gatsby Themed Funny Money
Personaised Funny Money
Personalised Fun Money for Weddings

Customised & Personalised Fun Money

We will bring the Fun money with us on the day of the event. We can also get the fun money posted to you ahead of the event if you wish. The fun money is (as of December 2023) sent Via DPD Next Day Door to Door.

Taking advantage of the fun money is very easy, all we need from you in an image, whether it's a solo picture, couple's picture, group or Company Logo (we have even had Cat's) We will use the image and create a sample for you, then, you can decide if you want to go ahead, or make any wording or note value changes before it goes to print.

All images will be required by at least 14 days before the event so they can be done in plenty of time before the day of the event, 30 days if you're wanting the notes posted.

Some pointers for the best looking note.

  • Selfies are good, the best kind of selfie is if you manage to get the whole head, hair and shoulders in the image, If the top of the hair is outside the image or some of the face, then some note templates cannot be used, and the ones that can be used will be a very zoomed in image to make sure the picture fills any gaps. We can work around all types of image.

  • Better Quality means better looking note. We understand if the image you really want to use may be 50-70 years old, we can work around it, but if you're sending old images, best to use a scanner and send it as bigger file as possible so it is viewable on the note. Also, if sending via phone email, it give the option of small, large or actual size, Actual size is best, but large is also better than small.

  • File types work best are PNG, JPG or PSD. Although we can work around other types of files if need be.

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