Below is a list of frequently asked questions.

1. How long are the casino tables open for?

Most of the packages are based on 2 to 3 hours of fun casino playing time, whenever it suits you. We’ve found from experience that this is the amount of time that works best. If required we can four or more hour packages, but four or more hours will feature a slight price amendment.

2. What if my guests don’t know how to play?

Don’t worry, help is at hand! We’re fully aware that most guests will have never visited a real casino before. Our friendly and experienced Croupiers are experts at explaining game rules to absolute beginners. They’ll ensure that everybody has a great night’s gaming.

3. Can we play for real money?

Definitely not! This would be breaking the law. We’re not allowed take any bets made with real money, under any circumstances. Gambling and gaming legislation dictates that this is strictly prohibited for legal and safety reasons. We offer a fun casino experience with an emphasis on the “fun” part, meaning nobody has to part with their hard earned cash. Fundraisers can sell tickets to play on the tables to raise money for their chosen charity, it would be up to those charities to explain that no cash prizes will be given by us on the night, but the rules of taking real money over the tables still applies.

4. How does the fake money work?

Before the tables open the fun money will be distributed evenly to all of your guests, which will be used as currency on our tables. Our Croupier’s will exchange these notes for real casino chips, which you’ll be able to use to play with. We offer standard or personalised fun money.

5. Is there a prize for the winner?

Yes! All bookings come with a prize. Depending on your package choice. This will be awarded at the end of the night, to the guest who finishes with the highest value of chips. Our Croupiers will count up the chips at the end of the three hours, to decide the winner. The winning guest will be presented with their prize, before having their picture taken which will be shown on our website for all to see. The prize will never be the main focus of the fun casino, we want your guests to enjoy the experience without the knowledge of a prize until the end.

6. Are children and under 18’s be allowed to play?

Certainly! The kids will love it. As there is no real money changing hands, there is zero gambling involved. We’re more than happy to let the children join the fun. However we do ask that any children under 13 years of age are accompanied by an adult whilst at the table.

7. How many tables should I book?

We can offer you our experienced advice, but ultimately it’s your decision. We understand everyone has a budget, so we can cater for all events. We have done 1 table for 300 guests and 6 tables for 40 guests, so this decision is entirely up to you. If you want a recommended amount of guests per table, we can advise around 50 guests per table ratio, to make sure all guests have a great chance of playing the games.

8. What tables can I choose?

Again it’s completely up to you. Because of their fast game play and easiness to learn, Roulette and Blackjack are by far our two most popular games. Most of our two table bookings consist of one each of these. Additionally we do offer three different types of Poker tables (Caribbean Stud Poker, Three Card Poker and Texas Hold ‘em Poker) & Other games such as Craps. We have categorised the ease and difficulty of the games HERE.

9. Will you transport the equipment to and from our venue?

Yes, every aspect is taken care of by us with no additional costs. We’ll arrive at a time that suite’s you best, allowing for an hour to set up all the equipment. Afterwards we’ll break down our equipment quickly and discreetly and take it all away for you.

10. How far ahead can I book?

Providing we have the staff and tables available to cover the event, you can place a booking as far away or near to the event date as you wish. We’ve taken bookings over a year in advance, or even on the same day. Obviously the more notice you give yourself the easier it will be for you to plan. Although we can take last minute bookings, we can get very busy at weekends and may not have availability for your date, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

11. Do I need a license to hold a fun casino event?

No, mobile fun casinos are just that – 'FUN' and no license is required as no real money is changing hands. There are no legal obligations involved at all with our fun casino hire. We are only at the event purely for Entertainment purposes.

12. Are you insured?

Yes, we’re fully covered by public liability insurance. Also all our electrical items are fully PAT Tested for your safety.

13. Do I need to pay a deposit before I book?

Yes, a non refundable deposit of £50.00 per table is required when you make your booking. Once we have received your booking form, we will issue an invoice and you'll also have your own personal web page with all your booking information on it. When this is all set up, payments can be made. All payments can be made by Bank Transfer, Card, Cheque, Cash or PayPal.

14. What if I cancel my booking?

If this situation occurs you will lose the deposit you’ve paid. We do however offer a future casino hire minus the deposit that you’ve already paid if re-booked within the year of booking. If you’ve paid balance in full when placing the booking; we’ll refund any extra money after any late charges that may occur. Cancellation within 30 days of the booking may incur extra charges.

15. Can I change the playing times I have already booked?

Yes you can. When you book your fun casino, you may have a change of heart as the event approaches. Please let us know and we'll arrange the change. To change the times within 2 weeks of the booking may be harder to do as the croupiers will be booked. If this is the case, time changing may be very difficult and 1 or 2 croupiers may have other jobs to go to before or after the event, so may have to cancel, so to re-book another croupier may incur extra charges. We cannot time change on the day of the event.

16. Can I choose the Gender or Race of the croupiers?

We at Midland Casino Hire do not discriminate, we have croupiers from all types of backgrounds. We understand there may be venues or occasions where a certain gender may find uncomfortable, but that would be up to the individual to decide. Unless you can give a valid reason your preference is Male or Female. Regarding Race or Sexual preference, we will not choose, so please do not ask.

17. Covid restrictions may affect our booking date, can we postpone without losing our deposit?

As we all know that 2020/21 has been a tough time and we had many bookings that were made before or during the time. We can change the date of your event to any other date in the future without the risk of you losing your deposit, even if you have to postpone more than once due to the ever changing government guidelines. If there are restrictions in place for the date of your event, i.e. Lockdown, Rule of 6 etc. we will issue refunds on all payments made, unless you're simply changing the date of your event.

18. I've booked within 2 weeks of the event date, can I still have the personal fun money?

We can't fully say yes or no to this question, as we don't personally design, print or cut out the fun money, we would have to check with the people that do, but hey, there's no harm in asking. Also, if booked within the 2 weeks, we cannot get it posted to you unless you're willing to arrange your own courier service to collect and deliver to yourself.

19. My party is in or around the Birmingham clean air zone, does this affect my booking?

As of 2020, Birmingham city centre introduced a clean air zone charge. This means if your event involves us or our croupiers to drive into or through the clean air zone, we will have to add this onto the invoice. The charge is around £8 per vehicle, so if your have 3 tables, this may require 3 vehicles, which we would have to add £24 extra onto the invoice. If 2 croupiers arrive together in 1 vehicle on the day, we will refund the the difference the next day if you've already paid in full.

20. What happens if the clean air zone party finishes past midnight?

Should any of our vehicles not leave the clean air zone after before 11:59pm, the clean air zone falls into the next day thus would mean 2x the £8 per vehicle. This may even happen if your event finishes after 11:30pm as at least 1 vehicle will still be there by 11:59pm due to packing equipment away, but we will send away the other vehicles as quickly as possible to reduce the costs.

21. I booked a while ago and not paid any deposit, is my booking safe?

In order to secure the croupiers and hold the date/tables, we do require the two following:-

Completed booking form returned to us.

Minimum deposit of £50 per table.

It is your responsibility to ensure all these are done and double checked that payments are made to the correct information on the invoice. We are asked 24/7 on availability of dates throughout the year. This means unless the form and deposits are done, your booking could be lost to another event on the same date. We will inform you if there's been any interest or bookings made on the same date to let you know if this happens. If after 30 days of booking without a deposit, we may just cancel the event to make way for future bookings.